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Internet you really save money?
  • We are often asked if we sell monuments over the internet.  Yes we do but we don't display order forms, style of stones, pay options, and granite colors as some sites do. This purchase is too personal to make with-out talking to a monument builder in person.


  • Can I design my monument at your office like I can on the internet site?  Of course. You are the decision maker and we start production of your monument when you are satisfied with your proof.


  •  The internet allows us to shop from home...  We have sold and installed many monuments and the customer never entered our shop. Proofs, drawings, contracts, finished pictures and payments are easily sent to the customer via electronic mail or snail mail.


  • I want my stone to look like Mom and Dad's monument.  A "match-job" is impossible unless we visit the cemetery and inspect what somone else has at their grave. Font size, design, finish and size are a few options that the internet retailer cannot see thru their computer.


  • But they offer FREE shipping to the continental U.S.   Free?  Really?  The cost of the shipping was already included in the price of the memorial before you purchased it. In life, somebody pays for everything... disregard anything that an internet site labels as "FREE".


  • Who will install my monument at the cemetery?  99.9% of the time it is a local monument builder that you or they have contracted to do the installation. And we won't install it for "FREE". This is another added cost to your internet monument. So add unloading costs, installation costs and any paperwork involved with the cemetery to the cost of your internet purchase before you decide that the internet site is saving you any money at all.


  • What if my granite is damaged when it is delivered to your business.  This is often the case when we receive inbound freight from internet sites. Let me just say one thing, this is where the nightmare begins. Who is responsible for the damaged freight? The internet site, the freight company and everyone who touched your shipment between here and Timbucktoo thats who. And none of the above will claim responsibilty or try to help you with your problem. This delays your monument installation by months or even years in a few rare cases, and often adds to the final cost.


  • What if the internet site sells us a monument that is prohibited in the cemetery?  Wow! this is really going to cost you money. All cemeteries have rules and regulations that cover the size, height and location of your monument. Also, some cemeteries apply different rules with-in their own cemetery depending on section, row location and the number of plots owned. Some cemeteries must approve what is engraved on your stone before a footer is provided. NO internet site has rules covering every cemetery in the U.S.  So will the internet site sell you what is permitted in your cemetery.... probably not. And they're not going to replace it for "FREE".


 A few thoughts worth consideration